May 17-May 19, 2013

I promised, so here it is.

On the 17th, a dozen or more children’s book authors and illustrators donated our time to speak to kids at the Newtown, Ct. schools. I was in a middle school where I presented to two assemblies of eighth graders. At the same school was Tony diTerlizzi. Around the town were other authors, such as Neil Gaiman, John Sciezka, David Shannon, Mo Willems, Jerry Pinkey, Christopher Paolini and the like.

We were there in support of both the children and the teachers/librarians who were still shell-shocked and exhausted from sorrow, fear, worry. I like to think that we lightened their burden or at least shed a little light into some of the dark corners. It was an incredibly moving experience.

I’d driven down with Angela diTerlizzi, and stayed overnight with Bruce Degan and his lovely wife. Bruce and I had done nine books together, including the Commander Toad series. Old friends, the three of us talked long into the night.

The next day, the 18th, was all about ballet. Granddaughter Maddison was in three ballets, two performances, and as a graduating senior–one of  five at the ballet school–it meant there wasn’t a dry eye in our row.

The 19th it was all about Maddison’s senior prom, five of her BFFs were over to get makeup done, hair done, and then the show-off of all their finery. Maddison looked like a ’40s film star which my late husband, a huge Veronica Lake fan, would have loved.


So did I have time for any writing? So glad you asked.***I managed about seven adult poems, in various stages of revision.
***Revised the chapter on Esther for a book about Biblical women with Barbara Goldin
***Revised Adam’s chapter for our second book (not titled yet) in the Seelie Wars trilogy
***wrote a bunch of children’s verses for a project with the Springfield Symphony

And boy! are my wings tired.


March late, 2013-May 18, 2013

There is no way, of course, to catch up on all that has happened in the past two months. Suffice to say lots of poems were written; a trilogy (graphic novel, noir mystery, Edinburgh 1930’s, gargoyle playing a Nero Wolf role) with son Adam was sold; I traveled a lot, four ecosystems later I was so filled with sinus allergies I couldn’t breath; doctor (against my better judgement and my expressed opinion) put me on Crestor which nearly killed me (only slight exaggeration) so I stopped the pills and changed doctors; however as you will have noticed,  I am still here to tell the tale.

Only I haven’t been telling you the tale because. . .because. . .Well, yes, I have been busy. Yes, I have been traveling. Yes I have been sick.

But yes, I have ignored you, dear readers. I would beg your indulgence but I don’t deserve you.

Yesterday, with a lot of good children’s book author and illustrators (like Tony deTerlizzi, David Shannon, Mo Willems,  Brian Selznick, John Sciezka, Jerry Pinkney, Dan Yaccarino, others) I spoke to kids at the various Newtown Ct schools for free. We were trying to bring hope, healing to the kids and their teachers. I think we helped some. It was an emotional experience and we will all be processing it for some time. I am wiped out.

So know I have been embarrassed by the time that passed without a journal entry. I actually lost the link for a while, but now  I have–with the help of my son Adam who is my websmaster–reconstructed it again. I will be off in two weeks to Scotland where I will have three months to try and rebuild our wonderful connection, writer to reader again. Trust me, I will not be so silent again.

I have missed you, too!



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