A Bit of Medical Advice

I had a major surgery the end of July–spine stuff and I am doing terrifically, thanks. No pain, walking 2 1/2 miles almost every day, and the times the weather doesn’t permit, only a mile.

But this medical alert is about another result of the surgery which will take longer to resolve, Anaesthesia Brain. Few doctors will tell you outright it exists unless you ask. As I have had it before, I asked. Six months before the anaesthesia is fully out of my body. Hot showers, hot baths–makes it reassert itself. Dizziness in baths or showers can compound things.

What this means is: my brain is a lot slower than I am used to. I cannot read and keep paragraphs in my head the way I was wont to do. And writing long pieces (novels especially) are taking me lots longer. Really deep level research–not happening yet. So for the first time in my life as a writer I am massively behind on books–novels–under contract. I hope my editors understand this. And my fans.

My daughter Heidi says: “So now you are only three times faster than most people instead of six.” And I suppose there is some truth in that. But it doesn’t make it any easier for me. Or make it any happier about it.

Six months–expect me back around January 29. I might even be smiling on my birthday–February 11.


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