April 1-4, 2011:

Though April started here with a cruel cosmic joke on all of us in Western Massachusetts–snow–it quickly dissipated by afternoon as the temperatures rose into the mid 40’s. And that was how the next few days went–sun, clouds, sun, wind, sun, cold, culminating in today’s thunderstorms and bucketing rain. Welcome to a New England spring!

Good for writing, though, if awful for going outdoors, and I quickly got into the big explosive part of the new novel, The Thirteenth Fey, ending up by Monday afternoon with an actual Big Bang and over 44,000 words altogether. Probably no more than 5,000 words to go to the end, much of that already written (from the published short story of mine on which it is based.)

Managed in these four days to also fit in “Source Code” an sf movie with Jake Gyllenhaal; a tea party at my house with Mira Bartok and her husband Doug, and friend Bob; dinner with friend Patricia Wood; a public reading of some Emily Dickinson’s poetry at the Homestead; and writing some of my own poetry as well. (One poem based on that last event is below.) So there is life between novel scenes. Always good to remember.

Reading Poetry with Emily

You want truth on the slant,

beauty, terror, all in a moment?

Try reading a Dickinson poem aloud

to an admiring throng

in front of the Homestead

on an early spring morning.

Zero at the bone.

© 2011 Jane Yolen, All Rights Reserved

And yet another old friend and one-time neighbor died, this time tragically. RIP, Greg Grenzke. We had some good times together.

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