April 5-14, 2011:

My head was set on finishing the novel. I thought I had 5,000 at most to go, but ended up with 52,478, more than 8,00 words since my last post. I actually finished the draft and revision on 4-8-2011 though today, on a long walk with a friend along the Connecticut River I realized there is still a missing piece to the puzzle having to do with the king needing to ask for something without being prompted.

So much of my writing time was taken up with the revision–but not all of it. I also did some small revisions (three times) for the editor of BUG OFF! a book of insect poems. I think her questions made the book better and better. And I wrote a proposal for a new Holocaust novel (yes, I’m crazy).

I also got back from speaking to over 1,000 kids on social justice and the Holocaust in Jamestown, NY, spent three and a half days in New York City visiting four editors and my agent, stayed with friends Delia and Ellen, went to a wonderful revival of the Cole Porter “Anything Goes”  starring the fabulous Sutton Foster.  Did a signing in Bolton MA with Heidi and went to see the house we lived in 41 years ago there. Had tea with new friends Trevor and Nancy who now own Barry Moser’s old house, where Pennyroyal Press used to be. Went to see “Source Code” with Movie Bob.

But mostly it was head down and write, write, write. The novel is now with my beta reader in Scotland, and I wait to hear what she thinks still needs doing.

More anon.

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