August 10-August 29:


My the days go tumbling by, a hurricane of them. And speaking of hurricanes, my house in the States evidently weathered the “Hurricane of the Century” as did my daughter’s house next door though she had her basement sump pump running pretty continuously and some small lakes in her front lawn. But other towns in the area, like Shelburne Falls, did not fare as well with the banks of their rivers covering the bridges and overflowong the banks and washing away houses.

As for me in Scotland, except for two nights at a friend’s house on the far side of Edinburgh and two lovely days at the Festival in the town, a bunch of dinners and teas and one movie (Cowboys & Aliens–I went in with no great hopes of a fine movie, just wanted to be entertained, and so was not disappointed) I have spent a lot of time writing, doing house stuff, taking long walks, and thinking about my life.


I did a small (quite small) revision for the editor for Thirteenth Fey. Editor of B.U.G. said the revision for him (4th or 5th) was fine. Did a bunch of stuff on various poetry book revisions. Wrote three new poems for the Ekaterinslav collection.

Sold several poems and reprints of poems.

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters has gone into a fourth printing. Last Dragon has sold to the Science Fiction Book Club. Pretty Princess Pig has sold to the Scholastic Book Club. I signed contracts for You Nest Here with Me (picture book with Heidi) and Grumbles from the Town (poetry collection with Rebeeca Dotlich).

Wrote the SKYPE speech to be given for the opening of Masha Rudman’s newly-gifted children’s book collection at the UMass library.

Have kept up with my Poem a Day since January 1. Also signed up again for the November Poem a Day raising money for charity, The Center for New Americans in Northampton.

Life and How It Sometimes Sucks:

Well, there was the hurricane, of course.

The deaths of Georgess McHargue,Marty Greenberg, and William Sleator. Elaine Alphin after a mammoth stroke is still in a coma.

Bunnies have totally overrun my Scottish garden.

And because of a comment I wrote after a Tea Party senator in Wisconsin used one of my Dino books for a photo op at a health center (when he and his cohorts are trying to privatize health care across the state), I have been besieged by the Know-Nothing No-Nothings around the country all threatening to boycott my books. Not that I think any of them read my books before. Most of the messages border on the illiterate, being both mis-spelled and grammatically trashed.

Of course none of this–except the deaths of friends and the loss of lives/houses in the hurricane–have any real meaning.

So onward:

I have books and poems to write. Speeches to craft. A month left on my Scottish sojourn. Friends to fete. Babies to kiss. (Three friends are new grandparents.) And a garden room I am hoping to move into before I leave. It’s going so slowly that may not happen. But I live in hope.

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