August 4-12, 2010:

I have been busy with guests and stuff since finishing the novel. Things like tea with a friend and neighbor who’s moving back to the States, old Hitchcock movie with  Nora, one evening at the Pittenweem Arts Festival with Bob and Deb, their son Matthew, and their friend Steve, and then again the next day with Pam. I actually bought a piece which is a first for me!

I had six YA fantasy writers over for lunch on Sunday, and one–Lisa Tuttle–stayed overnight. We called it the First Annual Scottish YA Fantasy Writer’s Summit: Lisa, me, Bob and Debby, Elizabeth Wein, Elizabeth Kerner, and Annemarie Allen.

Friend Connie Kirk, who had taken a workshop on writing picture books with me and was over as an Emily Dickinson scholar giving a paper at a conference, came for an overnight with her husband and son.

Mike Swanwick, one of my favorite fantasy writers, his lovely wife, and a pair of their friends came for a long tea that morphed into dinner.

So I have been a butterfly after weeks of being a bee.

Oh and suffered from a pinched nerve and really bad reflux all on the same day. Well, better to have it all it once than dribbling over days and weeks.

And there is book news: In less than an hour, friend Debby will be over to discuss her close reading of Snow in Summer and what it still needs.

I sold Grumbles from the Forest, a book of fairy tale poems I wrote with Rebecca Kai Dotlich to Boyds Mills after a very long wait.

Accepted the offer from Holy Cow Press in Minneapolis, a small but well-thought-of literary publisher, for my book of poems about David’s death–Things to Say to a Dying Man.

Contracts came for A Bear Sat On My Porch Today, a picture book.

Starred review for Elsie’s Bird and 4th printing for Not All Princesses Dress in Pink and also a special sale to the Hallmark stores.

Wrote a short story “Andersen’s Witch” for an anthology, though my guess is that it’s not quite what the editor wants. Wrote How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Christmas and How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Chanukah, which the editor and the illustrator like.

And got three rejections.

Good few weeks.

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