December 2013-January 10, 2014:

This time I have a good excuse for being late with my journal. My laptop hard drive (on which I do all my writing) died the True Death. Since December 13 I have been trying to recover what I can from various other computers. This was complicated  by the fact that the Time Machine had shut itself off somehow in August. Really, it has been a devastating time.

I lost the revision of a graphic novel under contract, chapters of new novels, a number of poems, all the settings on my Internet connections, Word, FireFox, Skype, the various revisions of old work and new, some I could reconstruct from the business computer and my old OLD cranky laptop, some are gone for good. And it turned out that the Time Machine turned itself off in August and we didn’t know.

By the time I got around to this journal (first I had to get reconnected to the design page) I was too exhausted to write anything. But not I am ready to tell you the few things I can reconstruct about the disaster.

I developed a lot of extra back pain and stomach problems due to the stress. But I am now through the worst of it and have managed to reconstruct about 3/4 of stuff though, alas, some is gone forever.

Along the way, friends have consoled me and taken me to dinner and movies. I have given some minor presentations, celebrated the holidays with family and friends, heard news of one new picture book (possibly) being bought, some poems being taken for an online magazine, etc. Seven rejections, rewritten the revision, rewritten the speech,wrote new poems (the lost ones are alas gone forever.

And I have moved on.




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