December 25-26, 2009:

Ah–Christmas day, after eight days of Chanukah, almost a relief. Presents, dinner, family friends, all at once. I made a pancake breakfast at my house, Heidi made the dinner at hers (though I made the traditional Yorkshire pudding and gravy and brought it over. Neighbors stopped in for drinks and laughter. Then Adam and Betsy’s kids both got sneezes and hives from the cats, so the dinner and festivities were over by 8:30.

On Boxing Day, we sat around and ate leftovers. I worked on the speech for SCBWI in New York. Adam taught me a few more tricks for the website. I am not sure if I will remember them all. But I will practice some more.

The art director at Philomel must have been working overtime. She sent me the almost final jpgs for Elsie’s Bird with David Small’s  wonderful illustrations. I think I want to work a bit more on the final lines. Will do that tomorrow.

We watched “A Christmas Story.” Played Bop It and predictably I was the worst. Wee David fell over himself laughing at how awful I was. We had more leftovers and home-made chicken soup (mine) and the tomato/basil/feta soup Betsy had brought from Cristos in Minneapolis amid lots of laugher.

A good family day. A good book day. Indeed, a good day.

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