December 27, 2009:

A writer’s vacation is often filled with. . .yup. . .writing. I worked on the graduation speech for the MFA students at Hamline University in Minneapolis since I will be there mid-January which is creeping ever closer. My first pass on it was about five pages. My second ran to seven. I assume I need to speak about 15-20 minutes which means at least twelve pages. Sigh.

Adam and Betsy took the children to the Amherst College Natural History Museum and lunch out. Then Heidi and I took the girls (Betsy, Glen, Maddison and Alison) for a girls’ shopping trip at Zanna’s. We were surprised by the weather. It had been icy and windy the past two days and suddenly 50 degrees outside! We went in light sweaters.

The temps dropped to freezing at night when we set off for the Goten Restaurant (Maddison’s choice) to celebrate her High Honors at school by watching Japanese cooks light fires in front of us and throw shrimp into our mouths and. . . .a good time was had by all.

After that, we went home and crashed early, except for Adam and Glen’s boyfriend Jason and (I think) Betsy who stayed up watching football. I was asleep by 9:15. Ah the life of a famous writer! Where are the wild parties, the paparazzi, the celebrities, and drinking and. . .? Oh, wait, that’s the Other Writers. Not me.

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