December 29, 2009:

Book News: I had a poem picked up by Pirene’s Fountain, a really classy online poetry journal for their love poem issue. It is one of the poems I wrote when David was dying, so it has a lot of meaning for me to have it taken around this time of year. David and I had our first real date on New Year’s Eve. And that was that!

I finished rounds 3 an 4 on the Hamline MFA graduation speech. Still a bit too short. Completed the SCBWI speech revisions, now ready for print out.

Other stuff: Physical therapy in the afternoon. In the evening Heidi, Adam, Betsy and I went out to dinner at the Eastside Grill. Glen and Maddison kid-sat. Or kid-wrangled might be more accurate. I had lamb chops with a Smyrna fig sauce that was to die for.

Otherwise a fairly quiet day.

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