December 8-16, 2010:

I was absolutely floating on a writing cloud for a while. Much had to do with being down at son Jason’s house and he and I worked feverishly for 2 1/2 days working on two book proposals for the two of us;and then I showed him how to sketch out a 48 page nonfiction project, storyboarding it. I also worked on writing the proposal for graphic novel  3 of the Foiled books, tentatively titled En Garde. All three proposals are at the agent. And I edited down Jason and Joanne’s picture book called The Great Sand Dollar Hunt.

I also worked on several poems. Read many chapters of Wolf’s Hall. (There are many chapters more to go, and am loving it. Her writing just sinks into my bones.) Did some responses to two small and different copyedits of books ( Bad Girls and Waking Dragons.)

Along the way, I had a marvelous visit. It’s not just my grandmotherly duty to wax poetic over grandlings. The twins are adorable, funny, smart, and well-behaved without being smarmy about it. They are wonderful little sponges, drinking in the world. I read them the entire The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber, one of my favorite books as a child and now one of theirs. We spent the rest of the visit talking about being split from our guggles to our zatches. And if you haven’t read the book, not only are you missing an enormous treat–but you are missing the allusion.

It was, however, terrifically cold (in the 20s and 30’s) for South Carolina so we did little of the planned southern things, no going out on the boat or long walks along the waterfront. It was rainy, windy, and cold. We stayed in the house or car.Or in lovely restaurants such as “The Fat Hen”.

And when I came home, it was in time for the opening of the Eric Carle Museum show called “Partners of Wonder” in which illustrations from my private collection of  pictures from my books were in the middle gallery and we had a small, intimate opening where I did a gallery talk and walkabout. People seemed to enjoy it, and the illustrators group gave me a dozen red roses which now have pride of place on my kitchen table.

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