End of December, 2010:

The days galloped towards the new year, the second decade of the 21st century. And I galloped with them.

Some of that galloping was in book work–trying to get hold of a picture book idea with Heidi. We are on our third approach to it and I’m still not sure it’s working. Rewriting about 9 chapters of BUG which still needs much hand-holding. Signing the Grumbles from the Forest contract. And of course–as in all book world time–waiting, waiting, waiting.

I went to a New Year’s party at Holly and Theo Black’s house. A Venice costume masked ball party, though I didn’t wear a costume and hate the closed-in feeling of masks so didn’t wear one of those, either. Managed to stay up till after 11 but not good enough to see the new year in.

I have some of the following on my immediate new year plate:

1. Writing of course.

2. Rewriting, definitely.

3. Playing with children, grandkids, friends in New York and beyond. As often as I can. As often as they want me.

4. Speaking at the Eric Carle Museum. On a two-person panel with friend Corinne Demas about being working writers, in Northampton. At the SCBWI New York conference.  All this is in January. Then it begins to really go pear-shaped since after that and I will be hitting Boston, Indiana, Springfield Ill, Minneapolis, Jamestown NY, Bolton MA, Chicago, Florida, SCBWI New England, Charleston SC, and finally (deep breath) Scotland for 3-4 months.

5. Paying attention to diet, exerise, and the ups and downs of health that women my age suffer. (Thanks to gravity, thanks to having children, thanks to having some diffident DNA and some difficult DNA.)

But mostly, I am looking forward to 2011. Of course–consider the alternative.

So a lift of the glass to absent spouses, family, friends, lovers, partners, all those who have left us much too early and/or in particularly difficult ways. I plan to live the life that is left to me to the fullest, write the best books I know how, be the dearest and most loving mom/Nana/friend I can be. And help others along the way. I suggest that you, my readers, do the same.

Send me questions. It’s been nearly a year since anyone has done that. I will answer them if I can, here in an Interstitial Moment.

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Comments are closed. Please check back later.