February 1, 2010:

Another rejection, as well as news that Apple for the Teacher, Adam’s and my book of work songs –beautifully produced by Amrams and illustrated with Americana objects from various museums–is going OP. Well, these things happen. All we can do is sigh. . .and move on. The book came out when David was very ill and I didn’t have the energy to try and push it as it needed to be pushed.

I worked some on the Joey Dante proposal and sent what I had on to co-author Bob Harris.

Am fighting with the insurance company because neither Medicare nor Health New England (yes, I have two insurance policies, for all the good it seems to be doing!) will cover Lidoderm patches which have helped my back problems enormously. My doctor is a white knight doing his best. But we may not win this one which will set me back and spin me into a lot of unecessary pain! The patches cost about $500 a month without insurance help. Doable some months, not doable other months. I suppose I can ration them to the really bad days. Sigh.

And I spent rather too much time (with Heidi’s help) trying to pick out tiles for the two bathroom refinishes. God, I resent that sort of two-to-three hour chunk out of my day. And I am so wishy-washy about my choices as well. But both bathrooms are almost 40 years old and imploding daily. This is not just cosmetic surgery, but necessary shorings up as well.

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