February 10-13, 2011:

This being my birthday weekend, I had a few presents, did some clothes (and shoe) shopping, had some lovely meals, a night of jazz, an evening of art gallery, and a lot of family time. Wrote a poem about turning 72.

Being me, it also meant I did a fair bit of other writing as well, mostly revision on The Thirteenth Fey, starting from the beginning so as to get back into the story and the voice before heading off onto the rest of the plot (which I don’t yet have.) I have asked the plot gods for help, but they have been mum. One dear friend has been shaking the plot gourd towards the sky, but as yet to no results. I am 25,000 words into the book, over halfway there and my main character is deeply and truly mired in the muck. So you’d think I’d know by now how she’s getting out. But no. . .in typical fashion, I am once again “flying into the mist” (as a different friend has described my method of working, if one can call it a method). This means I will find out how and where Layla is going as she does. In fact, I think she’s a great deal smarter than I am, so she will find out even sooner. I just hope she tells me in time!

So there you have a mini-lecture on Plot As I Know It. Yeah, it scares me, too!

Otherwise, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and I have been beavering away on a big revision of the poems in Grumbles from the Forest, which may have to be renamed if my new monster book is called Grumbly Monsters, Tumbly Monsters as I hope it will. I have been vigorously writing my new poem-a-day project. (Not a book. It will be nice if after the year is up I have three or four good poems.)

And I joined Netflix. More time wasting. But better than sitting in front of the tv just clicking through a series of shows I am not interested in. In the two days I have been a member, I have watched “Creation” and wept through it, “Dr. Parnassus” which was mildly disappointing since I am a huge Terry Gilliam fan and expect more of him, and enjoyed but was not blown away by “The Duchess.” They were all movies I’d missed in the theaters and was glad to have caught up with.

Am reading a Bernard Cromwell Sharpe novel I somehow never got to before.

And did I mention part of my (uninsured) barn fell down because of the enormous amount of snow on the roof? Yeah–there goes my kitchen renovation.

More anon.

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