February 11, 2010, BIRTHDAY:

So what does a writer do on her birthday?

Glad you asked.

A writer writes. Something.

Here is how the day played out:

5:30 Up, answered email

6:35: Exercises.

7: Shower, wash hair.

7:30 Dressed (including new earrings made by Maddison for my birthday, and necklace bought by Glen ditto), and take laundry downstairs.

8: Breakfast, tea, pills, clean kitchen.

8:30: Work on A Kite for Moon with input from Heidi. It is now a book by both of us. I began it, but she has added lovely touches and restructured the whole thing.

9:45: Organize stuff for Boskone, the Boston sf/fantasy convention, which is this weekend. Sign fan mail Heidi has organized.

10:30: Off to bank, cleaners, then tile store to return tile samples for the renovation of bathrooms, and arrange for Joyce the Tile Lady to come to the house next week.

12: Lunch, watch a bit of tv. CSI in case you are interested. Talk to Adam re revisions for BUG. Talk to Jason about his work. Both calling with birthday wishes.

1: More work on Kite for Moon, in fact today we got through three revisions. Had a talk with Heidi about the book, where we want it to go, etc.

1:45: long SKYPE conversation with my brother in Brazil wishing me happy birthday. Long conversation with Highlights conference organizer.

2:15: Per agent’s email, giving an editor a bit more time with two manuscripts he is interested in. Of course. Went through another huge round of emails, mostly birthday wishes.

3:30: Went through about six old newspapers, cutting out crosswords and checking news I may have missed. Conversation with granddaughter Glendon who was back from work.

4:30: Decided that since it IS my birthday after all, I will not do any work on taxes or read the SCBWI manuscripts sitting on my desk. Plenty of time for that next week. Instead I go over my list of what is out on offer, what has been rejected, etc. Then I write this journal entry. I will watch a bit more tv. Read back issues of Newsweek, PW, and Smithsonian, then get ready to go out for a light dinner with my children’s book writer and illustrator friends.

For my birthday!

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