February 12-14, 2010:

Boskone weekend–the Boston Science Fiction/Fantasy weekend run by NESFA (New England Science Fiction Association–which fifteen years ago had thousands of people attending but has fragmented down to around 700.

I have been a Guest of Honor, a past winner of their Skylark Award (which ended up setting my good coat on fire), and have gone almost every February for the past–oh–twenty or more years. I know most of the folk on the board, enjoy seeing old friends, usually am on too many panels, sell a few books. Last year they gave me a huge 70th  brthday party.

This year illustrator Gary Lippincott gave me a ride to the Boston hotel. We went first to his new house, which surprised me enormously. Gary is a wonderful illustrator, a huge, sweet, shaggy man and I guess I assumed his house would be more student dorm than Good Housekeeping. But wow– clean, well-apointed, very nice firnishings, and he served a lovely lunch.

Then off to Boskone. I was a bit late for my first appointment with one of my editors, and was abjectly apologetic. Then I had a couple of panels, a signing, and a date. Stayed up much too late with friends.

Saturday, after a breakfast with Jo Walton (a favorite author friend), Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle (I bought their first short story years ago for an anthology) and Greer Gilman who is an amazing wordsmith, I started my day. Four panels, a reading, a storytelling with author (and dear friend) Bruce Coville. Afterwards, dinner with Bruce, our friend Andrew Sigel, and YA author Sarah Beth Durst. Ended with my retelling the story of the good coat being on fire and warning the latest winner to put the award “where tthe sun doesn’t shine” which the audience joining in. MEt two new people, authors Tom Shippey and Lev Grossman. Was on panels with both and found them fascinating talkers and funny as well.

Sunday, two more panels, a koffeeklatch with Bruce and our fans, and then a ride home with Alan Steele and his beautiful wife Linda. We laughed most of the way back, ranting about a lot of stuff as articulate liberals tend to do.

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