February 14-28:

I have been busy, busy, busy. Some of that busy-ness has included writing–more on the novel, 13th Fey; revisions for B.U.G., the golem novel with son Adam; and revisions on the poems in Grumbles from the Forest (which may or may not remain the title) which poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich and I have done. I’ve also been writing a poem a day and have not missed one since January 1.

Copies of Birds of a Feather arrived, Mike Cavallero has sent along some first drawings for Curses Foiled Again, a poem, “Wishes” is out in a book raising money for Darfur, the German edition of Briar Rose came.

My quiet free time has been taken up with Netflix movies, dinners and lunches with friends.

My business travel time has included: a trip to Boston for Boskone (the sf convention) and the next weekend to New York to give a speech at the Jewish Holocaust Museum, see my agent and several Scholastic editors, and then having dinners and lunches with friends, walking the Highline with one friend, and frequenting a bizarre bar on the 18th floor of a hotel for drinks with toilets that had floor to ceiling windows that allow one to look out while peeing and–presumably–anyone with field glasses to look in!

Along the way, I may have sold a new How Do Dinosaurs book, got to check out the scratch-and-sniff smells for How Do Dinosaurs Bake Cookies? and write on the long train trip there and back.

Not a bad two weeks. Not earthshaking, but comforting. And without any painful experiences. Can’t really ask for more!

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