February 15-18, 2010:

A lot of book stuff twirling around:

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You is on the New York Times bestseller list again, this time at #8, as well as on the PW Bestseller list at #13. Heidi wondered aloud why they should be such different numbers and I explained that they probably had different stores on their list of respondents.

All-Star received its second starred review, this one from School Library Journal. (The first was from PW.) Interestingly enough, both a bad review in (I think) Booklist and SLJ cited the same line from the book to make their points! And this proves, once again, that reviews are simply about taste, an art, not a science.

Boxes of author copies arrived for How Do dinosaurs Love Their Cats/Dogs, Foiled,  and All-Star, but still no sign of Except the Queen which is actually out this month and which I have already signed at Boskone and at Barnes & Noble. Sigh.

I received f&gs for Hush Little Horsie that are adorable, and a color mock-up for How Do Dinosaurs Laugh Out Loud which is a lot of fun but needed some tweaking of the rhyme, which did not take too long.

And I am hip deep in the revision of Curses Foiled Again, about half way through and things are hotting up in make-believe NYC and Trollholm. Also just beginning my part (Adam has already done some of his) of the revisions on BUG. Plus re-revising my talk on revision. (Sounds like part of a song: “I was re-revising my talk on revision when you went and revised my heart. I was pulling out adverbs, and trying precision, when you came and settled on art. I wanted a plot and you wouldn’t be plotted, insisting instead on an arc. I was re-revising my talk on revision when love came and took me apart.:” You write the next verse!)

Also had a long meeting with the Interlink folk who may possibly be bringing back some of my OP books. Yea, them!

Other Stuff: A very social three days. Dinner with friends of academe one night, out for Children’s Lit drink night the next. Tonight am off to another dinner with children’s book friends.

Also, several mornings devoted to the bathrooms renovation stuff (picking tiles, faucets, etc.)

And boy, are my arms tired! (Punchline to an old joke.)

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