February 19-20, 2010:

Have you ever noticed that certain people’s time is more valuable than others? Doctors–who can keep you waiting for an hour before bringing you in for a quick meeting; lawyers who charge more per hour than anyone else; editors who obviously don’t need to get back to you when they say they will because what else do you have to do but wait.

On the other hand, there are marvelous exceptions to all time rules. I am still waiting. . .

These two days were used up in a doctor’s waiting office, and hoping to hear from some editors who had promised a quick response. I did not see any lawyers.

Friday I was part of a hilarious and delicious dinner party at the home of editor/author Susan Pearson and her partner/poet Alice Schertle. We laughed ourselves silly, stuffed ourselves shamelessly, and there were martinis flowing. (None for me. I indulged heavily in sparkling cider.) Also there: Diane deGroat, Shelley Rotner, and Bob Marstall.

Saturday there was a lovely party in honor of Northampton’s Poet Laureate Leslea Newman at the Michelson Gallery. Leslea’s two-year tenure as Laureate was over and we were applauding her entrepeneurship, leadership, and loving outreach. She thanked us all prettily for coming and–of course–read a poem. For the next Laureate, whoever that will be, those will be (as the mayor so graciously put it) HIGH heels to fill. Afterwards, Heidi, Maddison, Susanna Richards, David Costello, and two of Susanna’s friends all went out to eat. Some shop talk, some other talk, all fascinating. David C. brought out a copy of his new book hot off the press for us to admire. http://www.powells.com/biblio/0374335265?&PID=33241

Oh yes–I worked on some revisions of BUG and Curses, Foiled Again, and read three of the five manuscripts I am critiquing next weekend for the Southern Breeze SCBWI group.

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