February 4-9, 2011:

The biggest news of the five days has been that the snow brought down a wing of my one uninsured barn. It was a portion of the barn that had a long history (probably about 70 years worth) of compromise. Two roofs at angles that proved to be an excellent conduit for water, snow, ice backup. Lots of leaks. But as it was not where we lived, we let it go. And now it all came tumbling down because of the weight of snow on an ever shaky roof, which means it has to be attended to ASAP. And that mean my kitchen renovation, the front hall paint job, the outside repainting of the house, and the repainting and tidying up of granddaughter Glendon’s room–now that she’s officially moved out–are all on hold. My mantra is, of course, “It’s only money.” Alas, it was money I’d earmarked for a variety of other projects in the house.

My prayers to the publishing gods–themselves vastly under seige–have remained unanswered!

Speaking of publishing: received copies of my newest book with son Jason: BIRDS OF A FEATHER, the third book of poems about birds that we have done for Boyds Mills. It is gorgeous looking, with (for the first time) endpapers and an additional intro by a birding expert. The expert is none other than Professor Don Kroodsma, one of David’s old birding buddies and a world-renowned writer on birdsong.

Also, sent off the revision to Adam of B.U.G. so he can add his 20 cents.

Sent off the revision of Warty Monsters, Sporty Monsters, now called Grumbling Monsters, Tumbling Monsters since it’s not about sports so much as children’s games , and the editor loves. it. Huzzah!

Been working with Rebecca Dotlich on a re-invention of our book of fairy tale poems for the new editor assigned to it.

Patrick Lewis and I put together a proposal for a sequel to our poetry collection: Last Laughs, Animal Epitaphs called Last Laughs, Too: African Animal Epitaphs. Sent it off.

And I have started re-reading and editing the first half of my fairy tale novel: The Thirteenth Fey. Trying to get back up to speed so I can move forward on it. It’s due this summer.

Jason is an Everglades National Park Artist in Residence this month and sending back gorgeous photos on his blog: http://charlestonscphotoblog.com/

And my 72nd birthday is this week–February 11.

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