Interstitial Moment:

C asked: “One difficulty I have in being the best, most whole person I can be is that I sometimes get bogged down in the whole \”real life\” thing. I find that creativity is much akin to a muscle and if I don\’t work at it, I can lose it. Do you have any suggestions for how to connect to creativity even while dealing with the doldrums of every-day life?”

Well, C–I have written often about writing-as-muscle. Just as we take time for physical exercise BY MAKING A SPECIFIC TIME OF DAY FOR IT, we need to do that with writing as well.

Sometimes the best time to do this is when everyone else is asleep and no one is going to phone you or make demands on your time or your emotions. That may mean working on your writing early in the morning (the way I do it) or late at night. (I am usually fast asleep by then.) But mark the time into your actual schedule. Start by giving yourself fifteen minutes or a half hour and up that by increments as you work into it, just as you would do with a physical exercise regimen.

If you are trying to sneak in bits of writing between life crises, it’s simply not going to happen. But if the writing becomes an immovable part of your day, you will find yourself energized by the very act of going to your desk when that time of day rolls around.

It may take some while getting yourself acclimated, but trust me–it’s worth the hard graft of getting there.

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