Interstitial Moment:

Why, you may ask, call it a journal and not a blog.

Three reasons, really:

1. It is not interactive like a true blog. If you want to respond to something I say here, you have to send me email at I will most certainly answer you but I may not do it on the journal, or I may. Be careful what you ask for!  I also (so far) haven’t put up photographs or music or videos etc. It is extremely plain and not for those interested in do-dads and whirligigs. There’s a place for those, just not here.

2. I can go at the pace I want here, deal with the ideas or writing advice etc. here without feeling I am disappointing folks on line. It is more personal, more intimate, and. . .actually. . .more me. I am not performing as much as I would do in the more open blog-on-the-Internet. It’s harder to find me here. You have to really search for it.

3. I want this journal to be under my control, not FaceBook or any other major carrier that makes up its rules about ownership as it goes along. My son Adam is my webmaster and my daughter Heidi reads this and yells at me if I tell family secrets. Otherwise, this is my work, and my thoughts, and my private musings. Yes, still public, but not as public as all those fancy, dashing, beautifully designed blogs out there.

So enjoy, or not. I will keep telling the true in my own quiet, unelaborated way. You are welcome to a place at my fire, my stash of tea, and there’s even (somewhere around here) some good single malt.

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Comments are closed. Please check back later.