Interstitial Moment:

In a listserve I am on (which I cannot name or quote because it is private) we have been discussing Author Notes and Dedications. And some of the correspondents have been suggesting that authors should not do lengthy Notes or Acknowledgments. After a few rounds of this, I wrote the following. Kudos to any of my readers who get all the references–or the majority of them.

As a writer, I can thank any dang person I wish. I can acknowledge the help I have gotten. I can mention my cat (if I have one) or my pet guppy for that matter (I don’t have one of those either.) And get this–I CAN MAKE IT ALL UP TOO!
As the reader you can skip it all; you can take a black crayon and mark it out; you can erase it, efface it, even mace it, I suppose. What you can’t do is tell me what I should and shouldn’t put in my own dedication and acknowledgment page.

This post is dedicated to Julius and Julianna who have made sense in this argument; to my late husband who would certainly have had something acerbic to say about the subject; to the memory of John Wilmot and our wild and truthful nights together; to my father’s ghost since he read everything I wrote; to my seventeen children who range from brutally frank to frankly brutal; and to my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Jiler, who gave me gold stars.

(Some of the above is actually true, but who cares?)

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