Interstitial Moment redux:

Lee Bennett Hopkins wrote again: “As one starts to think, there are several other editors who come to mind who have created many books, including Pat Ross, editor at Knopf, who created the M&M series as well as picture books and adult books. (JY here: Though–I must quickly add that she left publishing to start a lovely boutique in New York City.)  Susan Pearson, editor at Lippincott, who wrote picture books and an anthology. (Another JY note: A friend and a neighbor here in Western Mass, Susan is a freelance editor these days.) Margery Cuyler, still active as an editor who writes many picture books.”

True. All true. But still the minority, Lee. I am sure, though, that often many editors think, “I can do better than this author.” Or “I need a book on. . .” and write it themselves. And many others have actually told me, “I am not a writer.” (And a few of those have gone on to write a book or three!)

However, I must say, watching editors wrestle with writing flap copy that most authors could sneeze out in a few hours–flap copy being based on something already written and usually quite small in comparison to the books we authors write–I have to believe that the majority of editors are not writers.  Nor do they pretend to be.

Of course, the family joke here has always been that the piece of writing of mine that had the longest shelf life was the flap copy I wrote for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was a young editor.

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