January 18-25, 2010:

The rest of the Minneapolis trip consisted of lunch on Monday with the president of Creative Editions who is doing two and possible more of my picture books. Tom Peterson and I have absolutely meshing ideas about publishing for children and it was delightful sitting with him at Christos, my favorite Greek restaurant, talking business.

Tuesday Adam and I spent all day talking to classes at the Minnesota Friends School because that is where grandlings Alison and wee David go to school. Tiring but invigorating, too. Smart kids and great teachers.

Wednesday I flew home, though the plane left Minneapolis an hour late because of something mechnical that needed fixing. So I hurried from the airport directly to Amherst and a dinner party in honor of Ted and Betsy Lewin, two of my favorite children’s book friends. (And a long loving, and fruitful friendship indeed.)

Thursday, Heidi and I had lunch with the Interlink folk, talking about the Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts and other stuff. Lovely to have local publishers so we only had to go into Northampton, twelve minutes away!

That evening was a WMIG meeting (Western Mass Illustrators) so it has been a very bookish week.

Scattered in between were physical therapy appointments, work on final revisions of The Emily Sonnets, the Eve chapter of Girl’s Bible, a letter from the editor of BUG which needed thinking about, and more work on the revision of Curses Foiled Again.

How do I feel about revisions? Normally I love them (once I get over The Letter!) but having so many piled on me at once has felt a bit daunting.

Saturday Barbara Goldin was over and we thrashed through the Eve chapter, but were both quite pleased with the revisions so far. ope the editor is as sanguine.

Sunday, Heidi and I went to do a mini-reading as part of a fun raiser for the Greenfield Public Library which has been in danger of being closed. 450 wonderful folk showed up with children. The Head Librarian was in tears at the response.

That evening, Bob Marstall and I went to dinner at friends Robin and Carol’s house where we watched the movie “Vitus,” a charming Swiss movie about a musical prodigy. Though there was glare ice when I drove into Northampton, and the thermometer on the car read 32 degrees, by the time dinner and the movie were over, it was 34, ice was melting.

Monday, back in the writing saddle, dealing more with both the Curses revision and working some more on the proposal for Joey Dante’s Trip to Heck. Dinner with friend Ann Wheelock completed the day. I stayed home as much as possible because–though the temps had soared to 48 degrees (in January!) there was a monsoon out there. My barn’s basement is flooded from a broken pipe. And all I can count is the cost.

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