January 19-25, 2011:

Major snowstorms, lots of manuscripts and proposals sent out, meetings, dinners with friends, lunches, teas with friends, and a tv interview. It was a busy week for some. Not for me.

Add to that a breast cancer scare–which in the end, had more to do with how much weight I’d lost (by hard work and good diet) over the last year and a half. But it took two days of mammograms, and a sonogram and a lot of worry.

As for work, I was mostly doing the revision of BUG, wrote the presentation for SCBWI New York, kept up my poem a day regimen, plus a children’s poem, and went through my entire old manuscript collection, hoping to find something worth working on. Discovered two possibles and weeded out the ones absolutely not worth anything, and told Heidi to Deep Six them.

And yet it seemed a very lightweight week to me. Perhaps the health scare kept me from concentrating and once I found out there was nothing to fear, the relief worked against concentration as well. Perhaps, it had more to do with my seasonal writing disorder. I find it hard to write/concentrate/do imaginative work in the dark months of the year. What Emily Dickinson called “the very Norway of the Year.”

So I filled my time instead with short things (poems), non-thinking stuff (filing, weeding old manuscripts, sending out proposals), relationships (interactions with friends, dinners, teas, lunches, meetings), and fun distractions (movies, reading a mystery novel, email, Boggle, and the like.) And only one bit of real writing–the revision.

Lightweight indeed.

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