January 26-27, 2010:

Interesting (to me) writing few days. Got one rejection, received the dummy of Tiger Rose Says Goodbye with wonderful sketches by Jim LaMarche, an illustrator I have long wanted to do a picture book with. It means a few revisions, which is what happens once an artist has laid out the entire book. Suddenly things need moving about, changing, deleting, smoothing.

Also, I had to go over (again) the speech I am giving this weekend at SCBWI New York, and then print it and my schedule out.

In fact this entire week has been about revision. First The Emily Sonnets, which went to both the editor and Jane Wald, the executive director of the Dickinson Museum. And of course Jane had a few more things which needed attending to. Second, I have been slaving away on Curses Foiled Again with my notes from the conversation with the editor by my side. It is needing quite a bit of deepening, character arc-ing, explaining without sounding as if I am explaining. In fact, though I also need to get started on talking with Adam about the revisions for BUG, I simply cannot do two novels at once. Though I can stop for a minute and deal with Tiger Rose.

I love starting new things, so not being able to do that has been frustrating–to say the least. But revisions bring their own surprises and pleasures.

Also in these two days, I had physical therapy, water therapy, my writers’ group meeting, made good (not dynamite) chicken stew, fought with an insurance company, had problems with my home security making false alarms (fixed now), and realized I have to start working SOON on my taxes. And on a more dire note, a Scottish friend has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given only a few months–and she is a (relatively) young woman.

Life happens. Death looms. Even when I would prefer just writing.

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