January 4-15, 2012

This has been a chock-a-block twelve days (and nights) and even looking back on it, it’s hard to get a handle on all that got done. And all that didn’t.

Basically–I wrote a lot,  both poetry and prose. I partied hard. I had a friend over for a three day writing/painting retreat. Did a few meetings, skype visits, dentists, water therapy.

And boy! are my wings tired.

First, of course, there are the organ recitals (as we oldsters call it.)

I lost a tooth suddenly, crunching down on a soft date. Yeah, go figure. So I had the first of a series of dental visits. Ongoing water therapy at the Y pool for back problems.  Minor annoyances.

Then there were the parties:

There was a 12th Night party in Amherst, though it wasn’t on the date and was in the afternoon. But a lot of fun. I took my granddaughter Glendon as my date. A friend’s 5oth birthday party in Greenfield, complete with a Celebrant who led us in games and appreciations, and we got to watch the birthday girl (lady?) walk over flower petals into her next half century. One of her gits was a yodeling pickle. (You had to be there) I wrote her a sonnet. Then an astonishingly good brunch in New Salem with old friends and possible collaborators. A farewell party in Amherst to the head of Amherst Ballet. Plus dinners with other friends and neighbors and daughter and grandlings. My, I was Ms. Popularity all right!

The Writing and Publishing:

Here’s where things got gnarly.

Yes, I was still writing a poem a day, the good and the bad and the really and truly ugly.

I worked on two new chapters for Centaur Field, a short middle grade novel.

Wrote and rewrote about three new chapters for The Hostage Prince (nee Snail and the Prince) the first book of the Seelie Wars Trilogy with son Adam.

Started my talk for SCBWI’s midwinter conference.

Began the introduction for a book of fairy tales (not mine) the Folio Society is bringing out.

Organized a mss. of my New England poems as a quasi-calendar. Don’t have a publisher for it yet.

Read and edited the text for Curses! Foiled Again with Mike Cavallero’s great artwork in pdf format in front of me.

Read and edited Emily Sonnets with the pdf of Gary Kelley’s gorgeous artwork in front of me.

Ditto the covers for How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Christmas and How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Christmas.

Did a Northampton WHMP radio interview with Heidi.

Went to a KidLit drinks night with Heidi in Northampton.

And am probably forgetting a dozen more things.

I wish I could say the next few weeks promise to be easier. NOT!

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