July 1-12, 2011:

My days continue with writing, friends, reading, movies, and some alternative forms of fun. But writing of course comes first. Mostly I have continued on with the poem a day, as well as the Girls’ Bible, reworked some of the Ekaterinslav poems, and three chapters/6000 words (with Adam) of the first book of the Seelie Wars Trilogy. Also I have been reading and critiquing stuff by friends Debby and Bob, a draft of a Dragon’s Blood movie script by someone who wants to option it, and a picture book by an old friend, Jan Adkins.

Here is one of the poems. Still a work in progress:

July 4:

Independence Day: in Scotland

“Ha, ha, we won, you lost”—Elizabeth Kerner Ewing

No wonder, then, the celebrations,

fireworks, parades, patriotic songs,

are ignored, spirit dampened

by the oceans between. Even ex-pats

find it hard to summon more than

a line of snark, a wink at the Scots.

Still on the English leash, they give back

the quiet snarl of well-trained dogs.

But what have we won, besides

a country so divided along lines

of wealth, health, and versions of God

that we cannot agree on anything,

not even our independence.

I had a small party for visiting friends of Debby and Bob’s, here at Wayside. Bob and I went into Edinburgh for a children’s book party, though Debby declined. We walked so much, Bob’s knee went out and I had to tell Debby, “Thanks for the loan of your husband. I’ve brought him back broken.” We went to two museums (saw the new Elizabeth Blackadder show at one), the Thistle Chapel at St Giles (designed by Sir Robert Lorimer who designed Wayside, so obesiance must be given every few years), watched a street performer, and then to the party.

Went to the dreadful (though popular) “Bridesmaids” movie with Nora and we both hated it. Probably the only two people in the theater to feel that way, given the amount of laughter.

Debby and I went to Doone Antiques emporium and I bought three pieces of Arts&Crafts smalls including a mirror and  a serving tray, as well as  several presents for friends and family.

And on a sunny Sunday mid-morning,  went to the Wormiston House open gardens with Christine. Afterwards, I carried (through the then showers) two overflowing bowls of strawberries and whipped cream up about a quarter mile to a neighbor’s house for the annual Hepburn Gardens garden party. We were inside part of the time but typically, the rain ended and out we all trod, carrying food.

Good week. Good food. Good friends. Good (I hope) writing. Very needed since I have just gotten back The Thirteenth Fey novel  from the editor and it needs MAJOR work and possibly a new title.


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