July 1-6, 2013:

Channeling my inner Jerry Lee Lewis, I have to say: There’s a whole lot of writin’ goin’ on!

First, I have been working away on the final stuff for Girls’ Bible which Barbara Diamond Goldin, my co-author, has been feeding me. We have gone back and forth on each chapter about four times so far, compromising on some stuff, absolutely agreeing on the rest. I hope the book itself will be deliverable by July 15.

Then there’s the Afterword of about 2500 words for a Signet reprint of Kipling’s Captains Courageous which I hadn’t read since I was a child.

I worked on a picture book that surprised me as I fell asleep about a week and a half ago, called Bird Boy. it kind of crosses the opening of the animated  movie UP! (which I loved) with my long and loving marriage to my late husband, who was also the original Pa in Owl Moon. Probably needs a half- dozen more go-rounds before I am ready to send it to my agent.

Poems, too, one or more a day. Here are two of the latest, ones I quite like:


“This is a doorway; if you’re lucky, you go through it

as a child, aurally, before you can read, and if you are

very lucky, you become a free citizen of an ancient

republic and can come and go as you please.”

–Sara Maitland

There is a knob, of oak
or ceramic if you must;
a latch of bronze, never iron
for it would burn a fairy hand;
a golden key hidden behind the ivy
or under the gnome-shaped rock.
Grasp it firmly, or it will bite,
keys hate the sweaty palm,
the half-attempt at poking
through the waiting keyhole,
those heartless and artless tries.

The magic words begin:
–and the door itself trembles.
Upon–there is a puff of white smoke.
A–take a breath, for you will need it.
Time–which is all time and no time at all
for the door has sighed open
and all of the world awaits within.

© 2013 Jane Yolen all rights reserved


July 4 Celebration

We remember, oh we remember,

mustering the underlings,

mastering the overlords,

compromising the constitution,

comprising a nation

stating the obvious,

mis-stating the devious.


And here we are, celebrating it all

by blowing things up


after year

after year,



©2013 Jane Yolen, all rights reserved

Also I sold a new middle grade novel with religious elements to Zondervan Kids (A Plague of Unicorns), several poems to Asimov’s, and managed to squeeze in hilarious and gossipy Afternoon Tea with friends Janie and Pam on a glorious summer day in a formal garden; tea and scones with one of my poetry editors where we discussed poetry, publishing events, and his upcoming Viva; dinner with friend Elaine at which she told me some wonderful but surprising news; visited the local Farmer’s Market, and managed to help stave off some terrible misinformation that someone had stated as fact on one children’s book listserve, making me feel a bit of a cyber hero. (Not easy for someone who is basically a Luddite!)

More anon.

© 2013 Jane Yolen all rights reserved



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