July 17-20, 2010:

I was determined with the house empty to return in depth to the revision of the first 20 chapters of Snow in Summer. And  did (more about that later), but I also had a lot of other work to tidy up, including revising for a last time the short story “Dog Boy Remembers” which is based on a character in Except the Queen, dealing with last revisions on Last Laughs and on Last Dragon (boy I hope they don’t come out in the same season!), and on Twinspiration. There was the pdf of the new book with Jason to deal with as well–Birds of a Feather. And a final small pass to answer about a half-dozen copyeditor questions on Bad Girls. Also, I did two email interviews. Whew, I think I’ve remembered everything.

Now, I don’t expect any reader of this journal to feel sorry for me, but it’s one of the difficulties of being a prolific writer. (Though I hate the word “prolific”, preferring instead the word “versatile.” But in this case, it’s the prolificity that’s the problem.) Every editor I work with seems to have the same rhythm and gets back to me with quick questions and needs a quick turn-around at the same time.

Now to the problems with the novel: afraid I have not made the villain do bad things for real reasons, I had to go back in and adjust and then re-adjust stuff. I needed to give the setting a shaking up and paint a more realistic picture of West Virginia in the 1930s. And I was balking at the next difficult chapter. Procrastinators R Us. In doing all this, I added another 2500 or so words to the manuscript so far, so that at a little over halfway through, the book is 25,000 words long.

So I was head-down writing much of these past four days, with the exception of a dinner with Bob and Debby, tea at Rufflets with Janie and Pam and Pam’s friend. And a hair cut.

I also read two so-so mystery novels, two interesting graphic novels, and watched a tiny bit of tv. Spent time feeding the baby gull, George, who’d fallen off the roof, much to the distress of his parents. (And me!)

But otherwise, it was work, work, work.

Plus one rejection letter and one exciting acceptance which, when it is tied down tight, I will talk about here on the journal at some length.

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Comments are closed. Please check back later.