July 27-August 3, 2010:

Boy, have I been head down and working on Snow in Summer, writing about 1500 words every two days, setting the words down the first day, revising the next, dreaming of the chapter to come, figuring out the ending. And yes, Dear Readers, I did get the complete draft down, just a bit over 40,000 words, right on target.

Now the book is with my beta reader, Deborah (Debby) Turner Harris.(She’s my plot guru, too.) So I am hoping what she has to say won’t be too onerous. I have the next two weeks with multiple guests to get the revisions done, and then off to the editor whom–I am certain–will have MUCH to say.

Do I like it? Parts. But the whole? It’s too new to know. Still at the “just words” stage.

I also worked on the 3-5th revisions of the How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Christmas and How Do Dinosaurs Celebrate Chanukah. This was the editor’s brainstorm and I am waiting to see what she thinks of what I sent. Heidi sent me great notes on it, and I reworked it and sent THAT on to the editor. I’ve heard from illustrator Mark Teague who is itching to start. After all, he has to do two complete books instead of one. But we need the editor on board.

And I have a bunch of short stories partially written, trying to decide which one is a good idea for one of the anthologies I’ve been invited to.

As to playing:

I went with friend Claire to the Cheese Farm where we had a great natter about life, studying (at 50 she’s going for a doctorate), books, music, & everything.

Nora and I took in “Inception” at the movies. An interesting combination/gloss/redaction of “Matrix” and several other movies as well as a couple of Phil Dick short stories. First time I ever heard an entire audience gasp at an ending before.

Several dinners at Bob and Debby’s and watching the new Sherlock Holmes series with them. Lucky that Bob taped it because he fell asleep!

I have been watching the first of the Swedish “Wallender” mysteries  now out on CDs which a friend lent me.

Walked around town and did some gallery hopping with Christine one day.

Had Janie and her builder husband over for tea and we discussed three possible projects for the house, one of which he helped me dismiss. One of which I hope to get going on for next summer.

And getting ready for the onslaught of friends this weekend and next week. Thank goodness the book is done.

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