June 1-June 16, 2013:

So after a wonderful graduation party for Maddison–90 people, both inside and outside folk at Heidi’s house, lots of food, friends, Adam and Karl on guitars, no bears (more on bears later) and a soccer game in which Adam tried to keep up with high school and college players and ended up injuring his ankle. Oh, and two house-fulls of overnight guests (Heidi’s and mine). After which I made my way to New York.

There I visited my agent to discuss lots of things like books, e-books, foreign rights, movie deals, etc. And no there was no real news but lots of discussions. I stayed over at my friends Delia and Ellen’s apartment uptown.

And then after two days of this, I took the train to Newark Airport and flew off overnight to Scotland with nary a bump, thump, or lump. And no sleep either, oh well.

Picked up as usual by the ever-wonderful Deborah Turner Harris and after a long nap, managed to get to their house with a bottle of wine for dinner and a natter.

For some reason it took me nearly a week to recover from jetlag. But I also in the first week and a half have managed to write a lot of poetry, revise all my new poetry books, meet for lunch with my Scottish (well he’s American but living in St A) poetry editor, had tea with Christine Crow and her family, went with friend Marianna to Crail Open Studios where I found a simply wonderful children’s book illustrator and started a book for her.

I have also had lunch with Janie Douglas (we bumped into one another at the bank), as well as got an impromptu hug from my wonderful gardener Mr McGregor (yes, a children’s book writer with a gardener name Mr. McGregor, thank you Beatrix Potter!), had another old friend, Jack BEck, Scottish folk singer and book story owner with his lovely wife Wendy Welch, came over for te. I went for a day into Edinburgh for some shopping and tea with an old friend, and started rewriting the first half of the new fantasy novel with Adam because it is seriously sagging. Oh–and worked away like two friendly  beavers with Barbara Diamond Goldin on our GIRLS’ BIBLE. And sent some proposals out for new books. And, and, and, and.

Yes I am busy. Yawning. Productive. Yawning. Traveling. Yawning. Oh and did I mention yawning?

And I promised bears. Well, Heidi took a picture of one in her back yard. Neighbors in Massachusetts all reported the bear (or bears) heading through their yards as well. And Heidi took pictures of a coyote behind her house in the tall grass, too. That’s one busy yard, my darling daughter. It’s much tamer here in St. Andrews.

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