June 5-8, 2010:

What a social butterfly I have been these four days: a day out in Edinburgh with a chum, riding the gondola up the ski hill, driving around the outskirts of the Old Toun, walking about three hours on the streets, a lovely dinner in the South Queensbury Inn where Davey Balfour set forth on his journeys. Sunshine all day long.

And Sunday a brunch with friends and some interesting conversations about giving speeches and birdsong. Then afterwards palling around with my friend Peter who drove up from the Borders, driving around on a serendipity trip, and paying off a bet with him that I’d lost by taking him out to dinner. (It was a political bet–about British politics. Never make a British political bet with a gentleman who has served in Her Majesty’s government if you are a Yank! Lesson learned.)

Then Monday instead of working (I only got 200+ words done on the short novel, bringing me to over 8,300 words) I went off with Debby to meet Elizabeth Wein for lunch at the antiques mall and then we wandered around, buying a couple of things and getting home around 5, too late for any writing.

Tuesday, a tiny bit more on the novel, and then retelling the final (or so I thought!) folktale for Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts until Heidi called to tell me there was yet another one to be done. After that, turned my attention first to a meeting with Bob Harris about a book proposal we are working on, and then to my first carving up (just a bit as the editor felt I was almost there) of the revision of Curses, Foiled Again. She’d been very specific about what still needed doing but of course as I read through the mss. there were a few other things I felt had to go in or come out or be adjusted one bit more. I can never stop noodling.

The day is finishing with dinner with Debby and Bob and, I hope, early to bed. Am tired from all my socializing.

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