June 9-11, 2010:


Two rejections, not unexpected. At least we are moving on.

A first copy of Elsie’s Bird, illustrated by the marvelous David Small (Caldecott winner) which arrived in the final box of stuff Heidi sent on. It looks fabulous.

And what a week of writing.

I sent off the (last, I hope) revision of  Curses Foiled Again. Within days got a lovely letter from the editor pronouncing it fine.

Wrote either the final or the next-to-final retelling of a story for Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts.

Sent off the last poems and tidyings from my side of Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs with Pat Lewis, and the editor says it’s ready for the final edit. Hurrah!

Got to see another ten pages of paintings for my graphic novel The Last Dragon by Rebecca Guay, which are truly glorious.

Wrote (after a month of dithering) a possible sequel to Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters, called Scaley Monsters, Sail-y Monsters: A Sea Chanty. In which the monsters meet pirates.

Finished revising (for me) the poems and non-fiction bits for Bug Out: An Insectopedia because Jason had sent the last few pictures.

Wrote a possible poem for the animal families book Jason and I are thinking of doing.

Tried several adult poems, failed at them all. Yeah–sometimes the magic doesn’t work!

Really spent most of my writing time on Snow in Summer, the short fantasy novel. Got up to 9,000 words and realized I had some major and serious problems with it being too slow and not character-driven. No explanation of who the wicked stepmother is at all, though she is the heart of the story. Had a long talk with Debby Harris (my go-to person for this sort of thing) and she suggested  multiple narrators which I resisted until I got home and actually tried it. Things began to work swimmingly from then on. I am the kind of writer who needs to feel the story unfold beneath my fingertips. Of course, I had to totally rewrite about five-six thousand words, but was able to save huge swaths of stuff, and am now up to 11,000 words of a 35,000 (probably) word short novel.

Other stuff:

Granddaughter Maddison made High Honors again for the year. Yay her!

I had friend Christine over for tea, went to the movies (“Letters to Juliet”) with Nora. The movie wasn’t great but re-kindled in me a desire to go tootling around the Italian countryside with someone. Any takers?

Still reading the amazing Mira Bartok memoir, The Memory Palace. Doing crossword puzzles. Doing minor walkabouts. Watching Wallendar, an interesting Swedish mystery series.

And loving Scotland.

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