March 1-3:

Coming home from a New York trip gave me three hours on the train with my computer plugged in, trying to cope with the 13th Fey’s plot rapidly descending into incomprehension. But I began to beat it into submission, with help from my friend Marcel and my son Adam, who came up with some stuff I can use, though at the same time it will mean a lot of back-filling to go before I can reasonably move forward. Since the next few days were involved in playing catch-up back home and yet another business trip, I have saved the real back-fill for the  plane trips and hotels ahead. On the 4th I go off to Indiana to give a speech to a mob of children and teachers. I hope the time will be sufficient to get some work done.

Meanwhile, I drafted a longish poem (for me) of seven sections called Objectifying Faerie. The first draft done on the train didn’t have the final section, but later at home I finished several more drafts AND the last poem over the next two days. Sent it on its first round to editor #1 with my fingers crossed.

I also did some very rough drafts of two How Do Dinosaur novelty books.

And once home I blasted through the stuff that needed doing (groceries, gas, laundry, cleaners, insurance stuff, etc., as well as watching seven (count ’em) episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix and now I need to find the rest of the seasons.

Waiting for me at home was the German edition of Briar Rose, very elegant.

And I also managed lunch with friend Jody Shapiro, dinners with friends Ann Wheelock, and then friends Laurie and Lee, none of whom I see enough of.

Ice remained dangerously evident on my driveway so I have been wearing my ugly but serviceable yak tracks on my shoes, and looked terribly silly but safe.

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