March 10-16, 2011:

Much of the week can be summed up in a word: taxes. I spent days working on getting my tax materials ready for the CPA, Beverly. As I have said year after year–I must find a better way to do this. But organizing and figuring this out (especially after having spent so much time on the organization of the numbers) seems overwhelming.

However, I did manage to get some writing done–my daily poems, of course, and more work on the novel. Up over 32,00 words now and heading into the big double climax, probably another 10,000 words. It reminds me of what I love most and do best–write.

Fun stuff? A Matt Damon movie with Movie Bob. A 60th birthday party for an old friend. Another Hillside Salon at the UMass Chancellor’s House. Read a couple of forgettable mystery novels. Watched some interesting Netflicks. And greeted the first signs of spring: the ever-increasing dawn chorus of birds, patches of clear lawn emerging from snowbanks, gifting a new neighbor with a bottle of wine, and my first walk of the (almost) new season.

Of course today (March 17) I am soon off to present three speeches at the Illinois Reading Conference. But right now it is quiet in the house and I have everything before me.

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