March 15-March 20, 2010:

Ah spring. Well not exactly. It’s March which, as often as not here in New England, means lots of snow still, winds, gusty, chill. So why have we been running a temperature? Really–we have had a week in the high 60’s and low 70’s? The flowers are thrusting forward. I keep running outside to shout at them: “Stop! Be careful! Don’t trust this!” But do they listen? No.

In fact it has been so warm, the maple syrup guys are saying they have gotten only 20% of last year’s crop. They needed another month of freezing or close-to-freezing nights to keep on sugaring. One told me this when I was out to breakfast with friends at his sugarhouse.

So what have I done on these glorious days? Walked a bit. Sat outside a bit. Then ran back inside to do work.

What work you ask?



Taxes DONE!!!

Oh and got a first round finished on the Curses Foiled Again revision. Now to go back over my notes from the editor, and re-read Foiled, and do the old retro-fit shuffle.

I did a first revision of the picture book A Bear Sat On My Porch Today because an editor is interested in it. It needs more work, though. (Yes, they always need more.)

Read my new picture book–The Old Giant Comes to Tea–to my writer’s group and then came home and revised it.

Dan the Handyman (scarcely more than a boy–well Heidi’s age) began work on the first of the two bathrooms that needed revamping, refitting, re-working, and restoring before someone fell through the shower stall and into the basement! By the weekend the first was taking shape and looking stunning. He’s a good worker, is Dan.

Hosted Battlefield Band, the great Scottish folk rock group, after their Iron Horse gig and instead of going to bed like sensible folk, they decided to play for us at the house. We sang, we danced, we went through three huge bottles of single malt. One of the guests (she had lent them her keyboards since it now costs an arm-and-leg to carry these things on an airplane) made the mistake of trying to match Scottish lads drinking  Scotch. Bad idea. So we insisted she stay over on the sofa.

Went to friend Jan’s for dinner-movie night with the girls. We watched “The Crucible.”

Took Scottish Country Dancing lessons one evening.

Had dinner with old friend Shulamith Oppenheim at Chez Albert. Went to the monthly Cummington Group dinner party.

I forced myself to stay home Saturday night.

Another dinner with a new friend tonight.

What a round of gallivanting.

At least the taxes got done!!!

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