March 21-March 29, 2010:

Much book work this week:

Finished the revisions (this round) of Curses, Foiled Again. It said Revision 2 on the folder, but in actuality closer to 4 or 5. The main problem was to make the characters earn their endings. I hope I managed that. Sent it off to the editor and the illustrator.

Then Adam and I tackled more of BUG revisions.

Heidi and I got the first section of Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts in to the editor, the introductions and brunch.

I did a revision of A Bear Sat On My Porch Today, though I’m not happy with it so far. I need to talk to the editor.

Heidi and I were sent the first color proofs of Pretty Princess Pig. Except for the fact that Heidi’s name was spelled wrong, it was delicious! Thanks illustrator Sam Williams.

Meetings, Greetings, and Eatings:

Crescent Dragonwagon stayed overnight at the house, and she and Patty MacLachlan and I went out to dinner. Lots of hilarity ensued.

I did a SKYPE interview with a group of teens who had studied Briar Rose. A bit like pulling teeth, Fortunately their teacher had already done most of the pulling! So she asked their questions.

Along with Patty, Rich Michelson, Corinne, Kathy Brown, Katie Schneider I was on a panel at Mt Holyoke. Loved hearing their stories about working on books.

Then it was a birthday dinner for Maddison and Glendon at the Go Ten restaurant.

Went to the WMIG (illustrators’) meeting at Bob Marstall’s studio.

And then the weekend got me on about six panels at the Smith College Science Fiction convention called ConBust. Interestingly, the best attended and (to me) most interesting panel I was on was with Tamora Pierce and Jody Shapiro, a folklorist/religion professor about religion in fantasy and sf literature. And it was at 11 a.m. Sunday morning. Who knew!

And lastly:

The first bathroom is completely renovated except for some cupboards and some touch-ups and looks sensational. The wonderful Dan the Handyman will be taking a week between to help his sister with some flooring and begin the second one next Monday.

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