March 23-31, 2011:

Busy week workwise, not a whole lot of fun things, but I did manage to get to an Arabic music concert in which my editor Michel (of Interlink) played, went to some panels at the Smith College sf con called ConBust, had lunch with editor Sharyn November, and watched Maddison dance with the Pioneer Valley Symphony. Since it was Maddison and Glendon’s  birthday week, I gave them presents and then took Heidi and her girls and their boyfriends to dinner for the girls’ birthday (and Glendon’s boyfriend Jason Messier’s birthday as well). Also Heidi, Maddison, Maddison’s boyfriend Brett, and I went for an outing in Brattleboro. I went to hear Maxine Kumin give a reading at Smith. She is 86 and except for some aging body issues, is marvelously at the top of her poetic genius.

But the difficult week had deeper significance because of the deaths (reported below as R. I. P.) and the fifth anniversary of David’s passing. So I threw myself into my writing.

I have kept up with my poem a day regimen since January 1st, and one of those poems was taken by Asimov’s magazine, and one by Pirene’s Fountain (an online journal.) I received the first copy of Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters, with its delicious pictures by Kelly Murphy; as well as Lee Bennett Hopkin’s latest anthology I Am the Book which features as poem of mine about how to write a poem. Sharyn November and I discussed the trilogy she’s buying from Adam and me. And Steve Meltzer called about one last (smaller) revision on B.U.G. needed but liked most of what we’d done. I did a pretty thorough revision on Bug Off, a new book of poems with Jason’s photographs. But mostly I worked on the new fairy tale novel, The Thirteenth Fey, adding some 5-7,000 words and heading towards the ending.

So it goes. Things will begin getting crazy with travel and work beginning April 5 and not ending till I go off near the end of May to Scotland for four months. But you know, it’s an exciting life in its own way. A bit lonely, a bit frantic, at times even frenetic, with precious little time for careful contemplation. And I really miss companionship of the let’s-sit-quietly and read books together days of  yore.  Still, a good life all in all. I have been blessed.

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