March 4-9:

Friday-Sunday, I flew off to Indiana, a trip fraught with bad plane karma. I was to fly to Cincinnati and then Evansville, Indiana, not a  very long trip. But the first plane had mechanical problems and was either going to be docked for much longer than any connection in Cincinnati could be maintained or canceled altogether. So they rerouted me through 1. D.C. 2. Detroit, then 3. Evansville which got me into Indiana five hours later than planned. But everything else they offered was even worse. So I took it. Because the plane was so late into Detroit (though I’d been upgraded to first class), I had to do a huge OJ run across three concourses before my next plane took off. Otherwise I would have had to stay overnight in Detroit. Somewhere.

Dear Reader, I made it. Just.

Once in Indiana I had a lovely time. The hotel room was large and had a gorgeous view of the river. The people at my two talks were enthusiastic–children as well as adults–and we sold and I signed a LOT of books. Plus my minders were lovely. The library where the Young Author conference was held was huge and very impressive. And the dinner party after was fun.

The trip home the next day was not. Again, problems with planes. The plane out of Cincinnati was late and then my suitcase arrived soaking wet and the handle was missing. I finally shamed the baggage handler into looking for the handle which he found and it was even wetter. But I got home, checked email, and then went off to a friend’s party in honor of the birthday of Silly Putty!

Along the way, I managed to add about 1,000 words to the novel (by backfilling, in order to incorporate the thickening plot). And read two mystery novels.

Then writing got seriously sidetracked as I had taxes to do, a tooth to get filled, the money manager to confer with, and an interview.

Still writing a poem a day, though. It keeps things sharp. My mind. My focus. My belief that I can still write.

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