March late, 2013-May 18, 2013

There is no way, of course, to catch up on all that has happened in the past two months. Suffice to say lots of poems were written; a trilogy (graphic novel, noir mystery, Edinburgh 1930’s, gargoyle playing a Nero Wolf role) with son Adam was sold; I traveled a lot, four ecosystems later I was so filled with sinus allergies I couldn’t breath; doctor (against my better judgement and my expressed opinion) put me on Crestor which nearly killed me (only slight exaggeration) so I stopped the pills and changed doctors; however as you will have noticed,  I am still here to tell the tale.

Only I haven’t been telling you the tale because. . .because. . .Well, yes, I have been busy. Yes, I have been traveling. Yes I have been sick.

But yes, I have ignored you, dear readers. I would beg your indulgence but I don’t deserve you.

Yesterday, with a lot of good children’s book author and illustrators (like Tony deTerlizzi, David Shannon, Mo Willems,  Brian Selznick, John Sciezka, Jerry Pinkney, Dan Yaccarino, others) I spoke to kids at the various Newtown Ct schools for free. We were trying to bring hope, healing to the kids and their teachers. I think we helped some. It was an emotional experience and we will all be processing it for some time. I am wiped out.

So know I have been embarrassed by the time that passed without a journal entry. I actually lost the link for a while, but now  I have–with the help of my son Adam who is my websmaster–reconstructed it again. I will be off in two weeks to Scotland where I will have three months to try and rebuild our wonderful connection, writer to reader again. Trust me, I will not be so silent again.

I have missed you, too!

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