May 24-May 27, 2012:

Full summer seems to have arrived early, with temperatures in the eighties. I do not do well once things climb over the mid-seventies, that is I have trouble thinking when it gets that hot. But living in air conditioning for more than an hour gives me ear-aches. This is one of the reasons (but of course not the only one) that I spend summers in Scotland. I let the house-sitters swelter here in Massachusetts. Well, there is always the air conditioning!

In the last few days book and writing wise, I have done the daily poem, of course Worked on a first rough draft of the first chapter of the second book of the trilogy I am writing with son Adam (got that?). As yet it has no title. I have also fiddled with (technical term!) revisions on the ARCH poems and sent them to my agent. Fiddled with some other poems. Began going over the copyedited B.U.G. novel. And fiddled as well with a collection of adult poems called Just Wait A Minute: A New England Sampler,  a year/calendar of weather poems in and around New England, actually about five years worth of poems. Not sure what to do with it, though, or where to send it.

I finished reading a historical fantasy novel and am now in the middle of the hefty biography of Abigail and John Adams.

On the fun side: I went with Movie Bob to see “Headhunters” which turned out to be something like “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” as directed by the Cohen Brothers. Or at least it felt like that: so much violence, it became slapstick, but really a story about the illusion, disillusionment, and then reassembling of a marriage. I also ran the annual Jane Yolen Writing Contest at the Hatfield Elementary School, had lunch with friend Mira to discuss our mutual project,  went to the monthly children’s book writers/illustrators dinner and martini party, enjoyed watching the Amherst Ballet spring performance in which Maddison danced twice, hauling along my friend Karl, after which we went up Mount Sugarloaf to look over the beautiful Connecticut River Valley, and back to my house for dinner and to watch “My Week with Marilyn” which we both highly enjoyed.

Now I am in full Get Ready for Scotland mode, with a few side journeys ahead, such as the Williston graduation annual arts/crafts fair at the Northampton Fair Grounds, my last writing group till Fall, lunch with friend Jodie. Lots to do, lots to do. Probably little writing this week.

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