May 28-29, 2010:

Traveling and settling. Or somewhat Unsettling.

I was up early, made sure everything was packed properly, unpacked it all and packed it again. I have two boxes of books already on the way, and a third will be popped into the mail this next week. Research stuff and books of mine. I carried little of that over.

Heidi drove me to the airport after I’d run through a bunch of alternatives and Glen was ready to go, but Heidi found a bit of extra time. As always, we had plenty to discuss!

The trip to Newark was a bit unnerving as we hit huge pockets of stormy air and did a lot of rocking and rolling. But it was only an hour and bearable. I dreaded thinking about the longer part of the trip ahead.

I concentrated instead on going to the Continental President’s Club, the VIP lounge. Alas, unlike Delta, there was no real food, just cheese and crackers pre-wrapped, fruit, and drinks. However, it was quiet, good chairs, internet access, clean bathrooms. I had a five hour layover.

Got to writing: revising A Bear Sat On My Porch Today (a picture book I am expecting an offer on next week, fingers crossed) as well as revisions on a second picture book the same editor might offer on–Daddy’s Hug, to go along with their Mama’s Kiss book. Worked on some of the Jewish Fairy Tale Feast stuff ,and read half of the galleys for the paperback edition of Dragons! in which Adam and I have a long short story.

And then it was time to get on board the plane to Edinburgh. We were jammed in, not a free seat around. I think it was filled by folks bumped by the Brit Air strike.

The volcano stayed quiet, and the trip over was the smoothest I think I ever experienced. Got to watch two movies–“Leap Year,”  silly and predictable light romantic fare, perfect for the plane, and “When in Rome” equally silly and forgettable, but again perfect for the plane. I started watching “The Messenger” but it was way too heavy for what I needed, a doze-able film that would keep me engaged just enough. I also read every magazine I had with me (back issues of Newsweek and PW), did crossword puzzles, and dozed off probably three times for a count of less than an hour in all.

Picked up by my friend Elizabeth (the usual, Debby Harris, was home tending her husband Bob Harris–yes, my co-author of 8 novels–who had fallen badly and broken his right arm. Luckily he’s a lefty.)

Wayside was filled with flowers and the weather was lovely when I arrived, though by the next day we had gales and rains in the morning and early afternoon, that led to sunshine in the late afternoon. Typical Scottish summer. Ooops, summer according to Janie Douglas , was last week.

After a three hour nap, I mostly  wrestled with the fact that only four things in the closet actually fit me. Luckily I had brought along a bunch of clothes from home. I can see a trip to the cancer research shop is in my future!

Also wrestled with the fact that the Internet connection failed continually and none of my usual Internet helpers were around.

Dinner at Debby and Bob’s with lots of commiserating.

Slept like the proverbial log. Nine hours. Felt like a slug but a happy slug.

The next morning wrestled some more with the internet to no avail. But luck was to come in an odd way. I went to friend Claire’s house and used her computer to check my nearly 100 emails. (It’s a holiday weekend, so slow.) And when I came home, the phone kept ringing and cutting off.

When I finally realized the phone in the tv room had, somehow, been connected to the fax machine by someone who’d stayed here, I disconnected it. (Debbie has just confessed.) Next time the same person rang (it was my buddy Marianna Lines) I found out that she’d been ringing the regular phone and it had gotten switched. That gave me the idea that maybe the router had been switched, too. And so it had. Problem solved.

Did another revision of Bear and another of Hug, organized something for Heidi viz Jewish FTF, and tried to decide if I was awake enough to go to a concert tonight. More anon.

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