May 3-5, 2010:


A benighted child thought it fun to send me an email saying that: “youre books all sukkkkkk” Now she can’t spell and doesn’t know grammar and hasn’t (a good guess) read ALL my books, but I (the adult) chose to write back and scold her for her overreach etc. Luckily, the return address didn’t work and by the time the email got returned as undeliverable, my pique had subsided and I realized that getting into a pissing contest with a school child was plain stupid, so I just deleted everything. Doesn’t mean I can’t mention it here, though. Parents, teachers–are you aware of the messages your children are sending out to strangers?

Book work:

Heard that both Come to the Fairies’ Ball and My Uncle Emily are on the Bank Street Best Books list–hurrah! Got my complimentary copies of My Father Knows the Names of Things and my first copy of Lost Boy: The Story of James M. Barrie.

A small company wants to do an audio of The Scarecrow’s Dance. That should take–let’s see–a minute and a half of reading, even if they pump it up with music!

Wrestled with a picture book one editor wanted about an Elementary School’s Hundredth Day. It did not work. Not a bit of it. Am throwing it out.

On the other hand, using a poem I had sold to a Lee Bennett Hopkin’s anthology years ago and enlarging on it, I wrote a Chanukah book called One Little Light, requested by the same editor. We will see if she likes it and wants to buy it. If not, I have several other places to try it.

Finished the revision stuff on Bad Girls which I shall pass over to Heidi. She’s terrifically busy on Maddison’s ballet stuff right now.

Had an interview by phone for WBZ radio that went well.

Grand writer’s group meeting from which the Interstitial Moment below came pouring out.

Other stuff:

Ran the Jane Yolen Annual Writing Contest for Hatfield Elementary. Probably the 20th or maybe 23rd, we long ago lost count. Eighteen winners got autographed books by me. In addition, four young authors got checks for $10 each, and the grand prize winner a check for $15. All the kids were wonderful, cheering on the winners.

Had a nice tea with neighbors, Nina and her daughter Annie.

Learned that another old neighbor/friend died last week and I was completely unaware of it since the local papers simply stack up here mostly unread.

We are all suffering with snow/cold rain one week, and temps in the low 90’s the next. Everyone is sneezing, snuffling, grumbling. I am counting the days till I get to go off to Scotland.

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