May 6-7, 2010:

I seem to be in the Slough of Despond, otherwise known as Revision Hell. Now don’t get me wrong, normally I love doing revisions. The idea of revisiting a piece I haven’t seen in a while usually energizes me. Time to have a New Vision, Girl!

But somehow everything I had out there has come back for work at the same time. And that leaves me little time to do new stuff. So the new stuff I have tried, felt rushed and ungainly, DOA. If I were triaging, these new pieces would have been set aside. Well, in fact, I did push them aside and not just because they were dull and dead, but because I had so many  DA&3&^*EGY$ revisions to work on.

So I did them: the Wee Poems copyedited mss. (where I wanted a big STET rubber stamp since someone decided to lower case ever single line in every single poem when I wanted them all caps). The poems and nonfictional parts of Birds of a Feather yet again. Several pages of the graphic novel The Lost Dragon which needed some new bits, as suggested by the illustrator. (She was right, but still. . .) A graphic novel proposal that needed re-doing.

I am sure you can tell from the above paragraph how different these books are, and so I was hopping between serious poems, baby poems, graphic novel, which means my mind had to do outrageous acrobatics. If I’d had a week. . .or better yet a month. . .but I do some serious travel starting Monday until I leave for Scotland on the 28th.

So I had to put pedal to the metal and move.

Also along the way–Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, published just last month, has been reprinted. Heidi and I need to celebrate that. And My Uncle Emily has won the Carol Otis Hurst Book Award for a children’s book about the New England experience. The new bathroom is moving on apace.

Oh yea–in the evenings I went one night to hear the “Austin Lounge Lizards” at the Iron Horse with friends Amy, Forrest, and Bob. Topical humor encased in song. And the next night Maddison and the Amherst Ballet troupe performed flawlessly.

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