May 8-May 23, 2012:

So much for promises. Time shot by and where was I?

Well, in-between the last post and this, I I have been to Boston, Stamford, Charleston SC. I have celebrated my twin granddaughters 9th birthday (and their father’s, my son Jason, on the same day); reunioned with 70+Yolen relatives and did my first public reading of some of the poems from Ekaterinoslav; said goodby at the memorial of my dear old friend, Anna; had an author friend–Steve Gould–stay over so he could take his daughter home when her first year of Smith College came to an end; signed books and presented to two large groups of second graders at a Charlesbridge Publishing party; took granddaughter Maddison to get new toe shoes; had dinners with friends, took an old college buddy around three museums and onto Mt Sugarloaf to see the best view in the Connecticut River Valley; heard Wendell Minor speak at the Eric Carle Museum; went Balkan dancing with my friend Karl in Brattleboro; went to see “The Avengers” with my friend Bob Marstall; did the radio show (interviewing Leslea Newman) without Heidi who had laryngitis;  read all the entries in the Jane Yolen Writing contest and chose the winners for my local elementary school.

And in-between, of course, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I revised (three times) Thunder Underground poems for the editor; I rewrote the ending of Trash Mountain for another editor, I worked on the poems in Arch, finished the poems in Famous Otter with Pat Lewis, did a new chapter in Centaur Field. Oh, I was a writing fiend.

And of course have begun the count down to Scotland.

Have I been a busy bee? Waspishly, yes.


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