May 8-May 25, 2010:

The sound you hear is me tugging my forelock and bowing submissively and begging with my eyes for absolution. But I have been massively busy. Here is a taste of it:

May 6: Lawyer for stuff, Austin Lounge Lizards for fun.

May 7-9: Maddison performing with Amherst Ballet. I attend three performances, talk to friends, hand a big check to the Ballet as a sponsor.

May 10-12: Spoke in Binghampton, New York, a five hour drive there and back, applause, book signings, exhaustion.

May 13-16: Flew to South Carolina, the twins and Jason’s birthday celebrations, much storytelling, poetry invention, hugs, eating out, working with Jason and Joanne on book ideas.

May 17: Doctor’s appointment, celebrating Bob Marstall’s birthday.

May 18: Bob Marstall part of an artist’s salon. The “coven of brilliant women” (as he calls us): Patricia Lewis, Mira Bartok, and me all invited to attend. Lots of fun conversation, interesting art (from landscape to sculpture to performance art.)

May 19: Major house cleaning.

May 20-23: my 50th college reunion, with one friend staying over at my house, lots of meals, conversations, book sales and signings, reading of a grief poem for the class memorial (from the same podium where I had run David’s funeral so very difficult time). Standing O for the 101 year old alum who came back for her 80th reunion (only one left in her class) and marched in the parade with only a cane and an undergrad “ambassador” on either side for support.

May 23 (yes doubled over)-May 25: Honesdale PA. four hours drive there and back, to speak and critique at a Jewish writers’s workshop sponsored by Highlights/Boyds Mills. Some great voices, books. I expect at least half of what I heard to be prominently published some day, maybe more!

May 25: Catch up, and begin count down to Scotland.

So, you ask, what about writing. Think these words: writing in the Interstices. In other words, anything I managed to write (three bug poems) was written in the few quiet moments, mostly revision stuff because of editorial comments. Nothing really new or exciting, but those tough choices which make up a writing career as distinct from being a writer. For example, Heidi and I created to handle my speaking stuff since I had become completely overwhelmed by it. Another example: reading copyedited mss. which may be the fifth or ninth or even twentieth time I have gone over a book. Example: Updating my files on what has been seen where and by whom. It all needs attending to but it sure ain’t writing!

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