November 11, 2009:

Business day but not a writing day. It began with a new poem for the 30 Poems for 30 Days, and then a Skype call from a school testing whether their Skype and mine were compatible. We could on-and-off hear one another, but they’d been having some problems. So we will probably need to test it again.

Then Heidi and I looked through my shelf of Interesting Books That Might Someday Give Me An Idea For A Project, and we came up with six or seven book ideas to do together, all of them with historic/research content.

Next, off to the back doctor who greeted me with, “Wow! You’ve lost a lot of weight!” which is one of the reasons I love this doctor.

I spent the afternoon doing a lot of bill paying and catching up on old mail and sorting (and throwing out) with Heidi’s help a lot of stuff. And marking books for giving away, etc.

Dinner with my friend Ann Wheelock, our first since my return. We laughed a lot but had some serious conversation as well at the ever-wonderful Green Street Cafe.

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Comments are closed. Please check back later.