November 12-13, 2009:

So since I am not writing much right now, or even doing much of anything, I went for a spa massage, remembering how much I have loved them in the past. Of course, given my strangely easy-to-bruise skin, I can still (two days later) feel the masseusse’s hand print on my back!

Wrote two poems, and a bit of an Introduction to the reissue of Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s FAIRIES, a book which blew my mind back thirty year ago when it was first published. Am referencing Bauer, Rackham, Tenggren, DiTerlizzi.

Got a hair cut, talked to two teachers on Skype as we planned for an hour’s visit later this year with three classes of third graders.

On Friday evening, I went to watch Maddison and the Williston Academy dance troupe do a series of dances, from hip-hop to pointe. Maddison was in three pieces, including the solo pointe piece.

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